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University of Florida Takes the Science DMZ to the Next Generation

Energy Science Network
April 3, 2014

“As early adopters of ESnet’s Science DMZ in 2004, originally called a Campus Research Network, UF offers a unique study of the Science DMZ as they have gone through a second upgrade to their infrastructure. This was to accommodate an increase in data-intensive research, as well as computer science and network research.”

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Shibboleth strikes again: UFIT solves Webmail issues

Sean Stewart-Muniz for the Independent Florida Alligator
March 26, 2014

“UFIT communications manager Tracy Gale said the university’s campus is large and complex, and UFIT leadership is constantly looking at solutions for IT issues like system enhancements and product upgrades.
‘UFIT does everything possible, resource-wise, to proactively maintain and prevent system outages,’ she said.”

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Happy 25th birthday, World Wide Web

Staff report for the Independent Florida Alligator
March 12, 2014

“The University of Florida’s web presence is truly our ‘front door’, welcoming people visiting from around the globe,” [Fedro Zazueta, associate CIO and director of academic technology] said. “In the last completed academic year, www.ufl.edu recorded 18,453,622 unique visitors from more than 220 countries.”

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UFIT, IFAS create website to gauge value of Florida’s energy projects

February 20, 2014

“The My Florida Energy Projects website not only provides the public with valuable project data — it also provides the online evaluation tools necessary to examine and analyze the information,” [Senior Director of ES Dave] Gruber said. “The coding work was as important to the project as the website development, because the tools help the public determine which energy methods are the most cost-effective and efficient. Our staff was extremely pleased to work on a project with statewide reach.”

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UF security office warns Gators of phishing scams

Jana Berkowitz for The Independent Florida Alligator
February 7, 2014

“Derrius Marlin, a UF data security specialist, described phishing as a social engineering attack.

‘Besides implementing technology to monitor for and quarantine phishing messages as they come into our email servers, we also work hard to raise awareness of the threats so that users can recognize phishing attacks for themselves,’ Marlin wrote in an email interview.”

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UF to revamp ISIS, mobile technology

Beatrice Dupuy for The Independent Florida Alligator
January 16, 2014

“’If you are trying to register for a class, and the class is closed, the new system allows you to go on a waiting list,’ [Eldayrie] said. ‘It’s first come, first serve, so when a seat opens up, then boom — you’re in.’”

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Scam emails impersonate UF Help Desk

Beatrice Dupuy for The Independent Florida Alligator
January 9, 2014

“UFIT communications manager Tracy Gale said no one from the UF Help Desk can send mass emails to students.

‘Nobody at UF will ask for your GatorLink password,’ she said.”

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UF preparing to upgrade 30-year-old student records system

Jeff Schweers for the Gainesville Sun
January 7, 2014

“We have really outgrown the needs of what the system could provide for the university. It’s aging technology that needs replacement,” [CIO Elias] Eldayrie said. “It is not going to break tomorrow, but we don’t want to wait. We think we have three to five years and want to start the work as soon as possible.”

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University of Florida gets 100 Gbps link to Internet2, upgrades campus research net to 200 Gbps

John Dix for Brocade
December 18, 2013

Dr. Erik Deumens: “…Instead of the university bringing a big pipe to your desk, which is not scalable and we don’t have the money for, I will provide an infrastructure where you can load your data in the central repository and give you the compute resources and infrastructure where you can quickly and easily do all the modern research you want. So that’s where the campus research network becomes more important. So that’s the vision.”

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Brocade 100 GbE Core Routers Provide High-Performance Network to Advance Global Research

Matt Wolpin for Brocade
December 2, 2013

“We wanted to keep the network cutting-edge from a usage perspective,” said [Dr. Erik] Deumens. “We were looking for a strong and robust roadmap for SDN support, and Brocade fit that need. And to top things off, this was the most cost-effective solution for our design.”

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Cross-university Data Sharing

Sunshine State Education & Research Computing Alliance
November 28, 2013

“Dr. Erik Deumens, director of research computing, University of Florida, said: ‘To support our goal of building a statewide research community, we’re creating an extensible storage environment to increase collaboration and data sharing. DDN’s WOS technology will provide the vital storage framework while leveraging the essence and simplicity of cloud infrastructure to help SSERCA broaden its data-centric research capabilities.’”

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Terascala Storage Appliance Upholds Research at University of Florida

Sarah Wilson for Search Storage at TechTarget
October 30, 2013

“’Everybody is collecting data and [working on] complicated problems that single investigators cannot solve, so you have collaborations that are going to be across the world and nation,’ said Erik Deumens, UF’s director of research computing. ‘So, all of a sudden, there’s a much bigger need to store data.’”

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University of Florida Deploys Desktop Media Capture Campuswide

Leila Meyer for Campus Technology
October 23, 2013

“According to Brian Smith, IT specialist at UF, the Web-based My Mediasite app is easy to use, even for the university’s “most tech-challenged staff.
‘”“Before Mediasite, our students watched lectures. Now, they experience lectures,’ said Smith in a prepared statement. ‘Mediasite’s ability to clearly display content by separating it from video in a rich media format is one of the innovative features that have helped to improve academic video on our campus.’”

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Why Florida is the Online State

John K. Waters for Campus Technology
October 2013

“Online education is gaining traction — and credibility — at incredible speed. Nowhere is this more evident than in Florida. ‘This change is happening. We could have sat on the sidelines and let others figure it all out, but we decided instead to get ahead of the curve.’”

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Connectivity Revolution: Internet2 and its Bold Transformation Initiative

Mark Hagland for Healthcare Informatics
August 22, 2013

“You’ve got to be intentional about the way you architect your security regime, to make sure that you look at your campus’s data flows and security protocols”

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Over 20 Academic Institutions Now Use Terascala High-Performance Computing Solutions

Christine Newman for Business Wire
July 23, 2013

“’In the coming months, some 500 researchers and 160 teams with more than $175 million in research funding will be using HiPerGator to run their experiments,’ said Dr. David Norton, Vice President for Research at the University of Florida.

“UF recently received an $8 million federal award from the National Nuclear Security Administration, along with the designation as a center of excellence, as a result of its high-performance computing capabilities.”

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Linking Research and Patient Care: The University of Florida’s Bold Internet2 Adventure

Mark Hagland for Healthcare Informatics
July 5, 2013

“Erik Deumens, Ph.D.: When the Internet was invented decades ago, it grew out of an academic and military background. But in the beginning of the 2000s decade, universities got together and said, we’ve got this Internet, but we can no longer do research on it anymore. So they created a new consortium with 200 members, and called it Internet2, for second-generation Internet. And the first focus of activity was to try to get faster speed.”

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UF Lands $8 Million Federal Award for Supercomputing Research

University of Florida News
June 28, 2013

“The award from the National Nuclear Security Administration and accompanying designation as a center of excellence is a direct result of UF’s drive to boost its high-performance computing abilities, said David Norton, UF vice president for research.

“’It really leverages the investment the university made in high-performance computing and HiPerGator,’ Norton said. ‘All of that was key in getting this award. This is exactly what we need in moving toward top-10 status.’”

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New Internet Line Lets UF Research Speed Go from Jalopy to Ferrari

Zach Peterson for The Gainesville Sun
February 8, 2013

“Connecting a half-inch fiber-optic cable to a high-powered network has expanded computing power 10-fold at the University of Florida,” said Erik Deumens, UF’s director of Research Computing.

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