UFIT Projects

Listed below are the proposals being considered and the projects that are underway within UFIT. This data is made available through a collaborative effort by all UFIT departments and is updated on a weekly basis.

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UFIT Projects List

TypeStatusProject CategoryPlanned Start PeriodPlanned Finish PeriodBusiness OutcomeProject ManagerProject HealthNameDescriptionCore Unit Managing ProjectPlanned Go Live DateActual Start DateActual End DateActual Go Live DateProject SponsorCustomerProject ChampionGovernance Org.ServiceService ImpactProject ContactAudiencePPM Number
ProjectApprovedGrowJanuary 2016June 2017Develop the InstitutionTroy HaynesGreenCampus Solutions ImplementationCampus Solutions ImplementationEnterprise Systems2017-06-30 00:00:002016-01-04 00:00:002017-09-30 00:00:002017-06-15 00:00:00Elias EldayrieOffice of the ProvostDavid GruberPresident's CabinetStudent ServicesEnhance ServicedagrubeStaff, Students - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate, Faculty - Tenure track, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Leadership and Administration83804
ProjectApprovedGrowJanuary 2016May 2016Reduce Risk and Ensure CompliancePatricia CookGreenRisk Management Implementation 2016Risk Management Implementation 2016 - this portion of the project is for UF to implement the software to replace the current risk management software packageInformation Security2016-04-29 00:00:002016-01-11 00:00:002016-04-29 00:00:00Rob AdamsRob AdamsOffice of the UF CIOComprehensive Risk AssessmentEnhance ServiceCheryl Granto81246
ProjectApprovedGrowJuly 2015October 2016Develop the InstitutionLuis AndinoGreenCollege NetCollege NetEnterprise Systems2016-08-01 00:00:002015-08-01 00:00:002016-08-01 00:00:00Elias EldayrieJim FreymannPresident's CabinetEnhance ServicePat Herring83344
ProjectApprovedGrowOctober 2015January 2016Develop the InstitutionPate CantrellTechnical Set up of Unizin Learning Analytics PilotUnizin has partnered with the University of Florida and another Unizin institution to pilot Learning Analytics offerings from two companies, Blue Canary and Civitas Learning.Enterprise Systems2015-12-18 00:00:00Fedro Zazueta RanahanAcademic TechnologyFedro Zazueta Ranahan83739
ProjectApprovedGrowSeptember 2015July 2016Develop the InstitutionGreg McEachernGreenSR - Research Analytics Dashboards for the Office of ResearchSR - Research Analytics Dashboards for the Office of ResearchEnterprise Systems2016-01-15 00:00:00David NortonOffice of ResearchStephanie GraySenior DirectorsSponsored Research ServicesEnhance ServiceLeadership and Administration83592
ProjectIn ProgressGrowAugust 2015February 2016Operational EfficiencyTina VelezRedUFEM Remediation & Upgrade (BigFix)UFEM Remediation & Upgrade (BigFix)Information Security2015-08-25 00:00:00Rob AdamsElias EldayrieOffice of the UF CIO83392
ProjectIn ProgressGrowJuly 2015July 2016Reduce Risk and Ensure ComplianceTina VelezGreenIAM - AuthenticationIAM - Authentication Upgrade IDP to version 3.0Information Security2016-07-01 00:00:002015-08-01 00:00:002016-07-31 00:00:00Elias EldayrieElias EldayrieOffice of the UF CIOPermission and Security Role Authorization (ARS/UFAD)Enhance ServiceRob Adams83145
ProjectIn ProgressGrowJuly 2015March 2016Operational EfficiencyGreg McEachernYellowIAM - Registry ReplatformIAM - Registry ReplatformInformation Security2015-12-31 00:00:002015-08-01 00:00:002016-03-31 00:00:00Rob AdamsElias EldayrieOffice of the UF CIOIdentity Registry ManagementEnhance Service83208
ProjectIn ProgressGrowMay 2015March 2016Operational EfficiencyPate CantrellGreenNS - UFH VoIP ConsolidationConsolidation of UF Health VoIP system with UF campus VoIP systemNetwork Services2015-05-01 00:00:002016-03-30 00:00:00Elias EldayrieHealth Affairs (UF & Shands)Thomas LivotiSenior DirectorsVoice over IP (VoIP) Line ServiceEnhance ServiceJaime Ilundain83267
ProjectIn ProgressGrowMay 2015November 2015Operational EfficiencyLuis AndinoOne.UF RegistrationONE.UF - RegistrationEnterprise Systems2015-10-30 00:00:002015-05-27 00:00:002015-10-30 00:00:00Steve PritzOffice of the University RegistrarTammy AagardOffice of the UF CIOCreate ServiceJacob PraterStudents - Undergraduate, Faculty - Other, Staff, Students - Graduate82954
ProjectIn ProgressRunJuly 2015March 2016Reduce Risk and Ensure ComplianceTina VelezGreenIAM - Account ManagementIAM - Account Management: Planning and implementation to replace our existing Account Management system and the hardening of the current opportunity with myUFL.Information Security2015-08-01 00:00:00Rob AdamsAdministrative Units, CollegesWarren CurryIdentity Registry ManagementMaintain Service83132
ProjectIn ProgressRunJune 2015March 2016Operational EfficiencyPate CantrellYellowBizTalk 2013Application, Database, and Server Lifecycle Management. Patching, Updating, and operationalizing the BizTalk platform.Enterprise Systems2015-06-30 00:00:002015-02-09 00:00:002016-03-31 00:00:002015-12-31 00:00:00Elias EldayrieDavid GruberOffice of the UF CIOMaintain ServiceChris Easley81830
ProjectIn ProgressRunMarch 2015March 2016Operational EfficiencyKeith SandersGreenIFAS Infrastructure HostingIFAS Infrastructure HostingEnterprise Infrastructure Services2015-12-31 00:00:002015-03-11 00:00:002016-03-31 00:00:002016-03-31 00:00:00Christopher EasleyInstitute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS)Christopher EasleySenior DirectorsIain Moffat82051
ProjectIn ProgressRunOctober 2014July 2016Operational EfficiencyTodd WilliamsGreenDeprecate and Retire Gatorlink EmailA project to sunset the Gatorlink Email system through a series of migrations for various populations of email users.Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations2014-10-31 00:00:002016-07-15 00:00:00Elias EldayrieChristopher EasleyOffice of the UF CIOGatorlink Email and WebmailSunsetIain MoffatFaculty - Other, Students - Undergraduate, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Leadership and Administration, Staff, Other, Students - Graduate80826
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJuly 2014December 2015Develop the InstitutionStephen CatesGreenRC ResVaultBuild an HPC system that can be certified for working with PHI (protected health information) data as well as deindentified research data.Research Computing2015-12-14 00:00:002014-07-01 00:00:002016-02-29 00:00:002015-12-14 00:00:00Elias EldayrieResearch ComputingErik DeumensUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesCampus Research NetworkCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Tenure track, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Other, Students - Graduate, Staff67118
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJuly 2014March 2016Develop the InstitutionStephen CatesGreenRC HiPerGator2Design and install HiPerGator2 to be operational in May 2015.
This project requires power upgrade of the datacenter, which is in progress.
Research Computing2015-10-05 00:00:002014-07-01 00:00:002015-12-01 00:00:002015-10-05 00:00:00Elias EldayrieCollegesErik DeumensTopical IT Advisory CommitteesCampus Research NetworkEnhance ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Other, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Leadership and Administration, Staff, Students - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate, Other78302
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJuly 2015March 2016Develop the InstitutionPatricia CookGreenFISMA - HUDFISMA - HUDResearch Computing2016-02-19 00:00:002015-08-01 00:00:002016-03-18 00:00:00Elias EldayrieElias EldayrieUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesCreate ServiceScott Crowell83069
ProjectIn ProgressTransformSeptember 2014May 2015Develop the InstitutionStephen CatesGreenRC UF Apps for ResearchUF Apps for Research and VMs with self-provisioning.javascript:save_Click();Research Computing2015-02-16 00:00:002014-09-01 00:00:002016-05-31 00:00:00Elias EldayrieColleges, CentersErik DeumensUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesCampus Research NetworkCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Staff, Students - Graduate74001
ProjectIn ProgressTransformSeptember 2015September 2016Develop the InstitutionGreg McEachernGreenEIM - Student Data GovernanceEIM- Student Data GovernanceEnterprise Systems2016-03-31 00:00:002015-06-01 00:00:002016-09-30 00:00:00David GruberDavid GruberSenior DirectorsCreate ServiceGreg McEachern82974
ProjectOn HoldTransformFebruary 2014June 2015Reduce Risk and Ensure CompliancePatricia CookRedIBM - Big Fix DeploymentImplement a suite of IBM products that will help the University to better manage and monitor our endpoints.Information Security2015-06-30 00:00:002014-02-01 00:00:002015-06-30 00:00:002015-06-02 00:00:00Elias EldayrieAcademic Technology, Business Center - UFIT, Customer Technology Services, Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations, Information Security, Network Services, Office of Audit & Compliance ReviewRob AdamsOffice of the UF CIOIntrusion Detection/Prevention, PGP EncryptionEnhance ServiceRob AdamsStaff, Leadership and Administration75747
ProjectOn HoldTransformJuly 2014March 2016Develop the InstitutionStephen CatesGreenRC+NS IPv6 presenceEstablish presence in IPv6 world of public Research Computing hosts: submit, web, IO servers.Research Computing2016-03-31 00:00:002014-07-01 00:00:002016-06-01 00:00:002016-02-29 00:00:00Elias EldayrieCollegesErik DeumensOffice of the UF CIOCampus Research NetworkCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Staff, Students - Graduate78301

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