UFIT Projects

Listed below are the proposals being considered and the projects that are underway within UFIT. This data is made available through a collaborative effort by all UFIT departments and is updated on a weekly basis.

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UFIT Projects List

Project Category
Planned Start Period
Planned Finish Period
Business Outcome
Project Manager
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Core Unit Managing Project
Planned Go Live Date
Actual Start Date
Actual End Date
Actual Go Live Date
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ProjectApprovedGrowJul-13Aug-13Reduce Risk and Ensure ComplianceSheridan RudolphUpgrade ASA-NAT Service for Private IPThe NAT routers are old, and lack needed features. New hardware, new code, updated configs, and implementation is included.Network Services7/30/2013 0:00Dan MillerSenior DirectorsCampus Core NetworkEnhance ServiceRyan Vaughn71315
ProjectIn ProgressGrowApr-14Nov-15Develop the InstitutionGreg McEachernYellowSR - Click Commerce ImplementationSR - Click Commerce ImplementationEnterprise Systems3/16/2015 0:004/14/2014 0:0011/30/2015 0:003/16/2015 0:00David NortonOffice of ResearchStephanie GrayOffice of the UF CIOSponsored Research ServicesCreate ServiceNigel Chong-YouStaff76774
ProjectIn ProgressGrowAug-14Feb-15Develop the InstitutionTroy HaynesRedCanvas Gap AnalysisCanvas Gap Analysis to understand priorities by stakeholders for CEU's and problem sets.Enterprise Systems9/30/2014 0:008/1/2014 0:002/27/2015 0:002/27/2015 0:00Elias EldayrieDavid GruberOffice of the UF CIOCourse Management SystemEnhance ServiceDave GruberStudents - Undergraduate, Students - Graduate79285
ProjectIn ProgressGrowDec-13Dec-14Operational EfficiencyMichael MasemoreGreenWeb Content ManagementReplace Word Press installation with new WCM toolset that will better enable end user content management.Enterprise Systems6/30/2014 0:001/6/2014 0:0012/30/2014 0:0011/26/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieDavid GruberOffice of the UF CIOWebsite PlanningEnhance Servicedagrube74946
ProjectIn ProgressGrowDec-13Dec-15Operational EfficiencyRobert WachsGreenITSM ImplementationBased on UFIT Requirements, Business Process, and Tool Strategy a vendor selection will be engaged with the help of UF PurchasingEnterprise Systems9/15/2014 0:002/1/2014 0:0012/1/2015 0:0011/3/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieDavid GruberIT Policy CouncilEnterprise Administrative Application SupportEnhance ServiceAyola Singh-Kreitz75156
ProjectIn ProgressGrowDec-13Jan-15Operational EfficiencyMichael MasemoreGreenOne UF - Time Reportingplatform to redeploy m.ufl.edu and include iOS and Android applications develop a strategy and roadmap for the My UF Workspace concept with a focus on students and faculty useEnterprise Systems12/31/2014 0:001/6/2014 0:009/30/2014 0:009/30/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieOffice of ResearchDavid GruberUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesFaculty and Staff ServicesEnhance ServiceDave GruberStaff74672
ProjectIn ProgressGrowJan-14May-15Develop the InstitutionLarry DrakeGreenCanvas 2014Enterprise Systems1/23/2015 0:002/1/2014 0:005/29/2015 0:0012/5/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieDavid GruberTopical IT Advisory CommitteesStudent ServicesCreate ServiceDave Gruber75657
ProjectIn ProgressGrowMar-13Jan-14Develop the InstitutionLarry DrakeGreenSIS-AD - Certificate Program Application Process - AdmissionsDevelopment of certificate program application process as described in the draft document University of Florida Certificate Programs: An Admissions Perspective (revised 7/12/12) (attached)Enterprise Systems12/9/2014 0:005/13/2013 0:001/16/2015 0:0011/5/2014 0:00Zina EvansOffice of AdmissionsPatrick HerringStudent ServicesEnhance ServiceStudents - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate69450
ProjectIn ProgressGrowOct-12Feb-15Operational EfficiencyTodd WilliamsGreenVMWare backup functionalityEvaluate, select, and implement a solution to allow occupants of UFIT's VMWare infrastructure to do VM-based backups of occupant VMs.Enterprise Infrastructure & OperationsElias EldayrieOffice of Information TechnologyIain MoffatUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesVMWare Virtual Machine HostingEnhance ServiceTodd WilliamsStaff, Other67210
ProjectIn ProgressGrowSep-14Feb-15Develop the InstitutionMichael MasemoreGreenONE.UF - Schedule of CoursesThis project will involve the development of a new and improved schedule of courses for student that provides advanced searching and filtering capabilities.Enterprise Systems2/13/2015 0:00Steve PritzOffice of the University RegistrarWard WilsonUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesStudent ServicesEnhance ServiceJacob PraterStudents - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate80254
ProjectIn ProgressRunAug-12Oct-14Operational EfficiencyAllen RoutYellowNSAM/TSM Hardware refreshReplace TSM hardwareEnterprise Infrastructure & OperationsElias EldayrieOffice of Information TechnologyTim FitzpatrickUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesNetwork Storage and Archive Management (NSAM)Maintain ServiceTodd WilliamsStaff, Other, Faculty - Tenure track, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Other67209
ProjectIn ProgressRunJun-13Feb-14Operational EfficiencyLarry DrakeGreenSIS - UF Online - Admission, Student Record, and Student FinancialsSIS: UF Online - Admission, Student Record, and Student FinancialsEnterprise Systems12/3/2014 0:006/3/2013 0:002/20/2015 0:0012/3/2014 0:00Zina EvansOffice of the University RegistrarUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesStudent ServicesEnhance ServiceWard Wilson71085
ProjectIn ProgressRunMar-14Jun-15Reduce Risk and Ensure CompliancePeter HardenGreenFI - HR - 9.2 Application UpgradeFI -HR - 9.2 Application UpgradeEnterprise Systems10/15/2014 0:001/20/2014 0:005/1/2015 0:003/12/2015 0:00David GruberOffice of the VP & Chief Financial OfficerGregory DuboisSenior DirectorsmyUFL PortalMaintain ServiceGregory DuboisStaff, Faculty - Other, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track75737
ProjectIn ProgressTransformFeb-14Jun-14Develop the InstitutionGreg McEachernGreenSR - Master Data ManagementEngage in a process to instill MDM governance that will create standards and policies for institutionalEnterprise Systems6/30/2014 0:002/3/2014 0:009/5/2014 0:007/14/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieOffice of ResearchDavid GruberOffice of the UF CIOSponsored Research ServicesEnhance ServiceDave GruberStaff74671
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJul-13Dec-14Develop the InstitutionFredrick CantrellGreenSakai Data WarehouseMigrate data from Sakai to the data warehouse. Build basic report views of the data.Enterprise Systems6/16/2014 0:009/1/2013 0:0011/26/2014 0:009/5/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieAcademic TechnologyDavid GruberUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesData WarehouseCreate ServiceStudents - Undergraduate, Students - Graduate72786
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJul-13Feb-15Develop the InstitutionFredrick CantrellYellowEnterprise Document Management (EDM) - Hyland OnBaseEvaluate and select an EDM solution. Deploy the EDM solution to the University's Business Units.Enterprise Systems8/29/2014 0:0010/28/2013 0:002/28/2015 0:009/26/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieDavid GruberOffice of the UF CIODocument Management SystemCreate ServiceDave Gruber74761
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJul-13Jan-15Reduce Risk and Ensure CompliancePate CantrellGreenTraining Management System (TMS) - UF and UF HealthIdentify, track, and manage “Job Triggers” that drive required training.
Increase the accuracy and efficiency in the management of UF employees benefits. 
Enterprise Systems12/31/2014 0:002/25/2014 0:0011/21/2014 0:009/12/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieDavid GruberUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesFaculty and Staff ServicesCreate Servicedagrube75992
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJul-14Feb-15Develop the InstitutionErik DeumensGreenRC GatorVaultBuild an HPC system that can be certified for working with PHI (protected health information) data as well as deindentified research data.Research Computing12/15/2014 0:007/1/2014 0:003/2/2015 0:002/16/2015 0:00Elias EldayrieResearch ComputingErik DeumensUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Tenure track, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Other, Students - Graduate, Staff67118
ProjectIn ProgressTransformNov-13Feb-15Develop the InstitutionErik DeumensGreenRC GatorCloudBuild a unified portal for cloud-like services in support of education and research.Research Computing11/3/2014 0:001/1/2014 0:002/6/2015 0:0012/15/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieColleges, CentersErik DeumensIT Policy CouncilCampus Research NetworkCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Staff, Students - Graduate74001
ProjectOn HoldTransformJul-14Jun-15Develop the InstitutionJon AkersGreenRC+NS Research Computing IPv6 presenceEstablish presence in IPv6 world of public Research Computing hosts: submit, web, IO servers.Research Computing12/1/2014 0:007/1/2014 0:006/30/2015 0:0012/1/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieCollegesErik DeumensOffice of the UF CIOCampus Research NetworkCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Staff, Students - Graduate78301

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