UFIT Projects

Listed below are the proposals being considered and the projects that are underway within UFIT. This data is made available through a collaborative effort by all UFIT departments and is updated on a weekly basis.

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UFIT Projects List

Project Category
Planned Start Period
Planned Finish Period
Business Outcome
Project Manager
Project Health
Core Unit Managing Project
Planned Go Live Date
Actual Start Date
Actual End Date
Actual Go Live Date
Project Sponsor
Project Champion
Governance Org.
Service Impact
Project Contact
PPM Number
ProjectApprovedGrowJul-13Aug-13Reduce Risk and Ensure ComplianceSheridan RudolphUpgrade ASA-NAT Service for Private IPThe NAT routers are old, and lack needed features. New hardware, new code, updated configs, and implementation is included.Network Services7/30/2013 0:00Dan MillerSenior DirectorsCampus Core NetworkEnhance ServiceRyan Vaughn71315
ProjectIn ProgressGrowMar-13Aug-14Develop the InstitutionLarry DrakeGreenSIS/AD - Certificate Program Application Process - AdmissionsDevelopment of certificate program application process as described in the draft document University of Florida Certificate Programs: An Admissions Perspective (revised 7/12/12) (attached)Enterprise Systems7/16/2014 0:005/13/2013 0:007/16/2014 0:004/18/2014 0:00Zina EvansOffice of AdmissionsPatrick HerringStudents - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate69450
ProjectIn ProgressRunAug-12Aug-14Operational EfficiencyTodd WilliamsGreenNSAM/TSM Hardware refreshReplace TSM hardwareEnterprise Infrastructure & OperationsElias EldayrieComputing and Networking ServicesTim FitzpatrickUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesNetwork Storage and Archive Management (NSAM)Maintain ServiceTodd WilliamsStaff, Other, Faculty - Tenure track, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Other67209
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJul-14Sep-14Develop the InstitutionJon AkersGreenRC+NS Research Computing IPv6 presenceEstablish presence in IPv6 world of public Research Computing hosts: submit, web, IO servers.Research Computing1/6/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieCollegesErik DeumensOffice of the UF CIOCampus Research NetworkCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Staff, Students - Graduate78301
ProjectIn ProgressTransformJun-13Nov-14Develop the InstitutionErik DeumensGreenRC GatorBoxStorage for collaborative research with easy user interface as well as the capability and capacity to hold large (100 GB to multi TB) data sets and move it fast.Research Computing8/1/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieCenters, CollegesErik DeumensIT Policy CouncilCampus Research Network, HPC Compute Server and Optional Storage AcquisitionEnhance ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Staff, Students - Graduate71825
ProjectIn ProgressTransformMay-11Dec-15Reduce Risk and Ensure ComplianceKathy BergsmaGreenInformation Security - Risk Management and ComplianceLaunch an information security compliance and risk management program using Modulo software.Information Security4/26/2013 0:001/7/2013 0:00Elias EldayrieOffice of Information TechnologyRob AdamsTopical IT Advisory CommitteesComprehensive Risk AssessmentCreate ServiceLeadership and Administration69129
ProjectIn ProgressTransformMay-13Dec-14Develop the InstitutionErik DeumensGreenRC GatorVaultBuild an HPC system that can be certified for working with PHI (protected health information) data as well as deindentified research data.Research Computing9/1/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieResearch ComputingErik DeumensUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Tenure track, Faculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Other, Students - Graduate, Staff67118
ProjectIn ProgressTransformNov-13Dec-14Develop the InstitutionErik DeumensGreenRC GatorCloudImplement OpenStack based virtual machines for researchers with some access to be determined to Research Computing storage and compute resources.Research Computing8/1/2014 0:00Elias EldayrieColleges, CentersErik DeumensIT Policy CouncilCampus Research NetworkCreate ServiceErik DeumensFaculty - Non-tenure track, Faculty - Tenure track, Staff, Students - Graduate74001
ProjectOn HoldGrowOct-12Dec-13Operational EfficiencyTodd WilliamsVMWare backup functionalityEvaluate, select, and implement a solution to allow occupants of CNS/OSG's VMWare infrastructure to do VM-based backups of occupant VMs.Enterprise Infrastructure & OperationsElias EldayrieComputing and Networking ServicesIain MoffatUnit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance CommitteesVMWare Virtual Machine HostingEnhance ServiceTodd WilliamsStaff, Other67210

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