Disabled Access Computing Policy

Established UF policy requires that students requesting accommodations for a documented disability must be registered with the Dean of Students Office Disability Resources Program.

At the time a student or employee with a documented disability requires adaptive software or hardware in any UF computer lab or administrative unit, staff in computer labs and other administrative units will forward a request to the Director of the Assistive Technology Lab. The Director of the Assistive Technology Lab, in consultation with the Director of Disability Resources in the Dean of Students Office, is responsible for evaluating and making necessary purchases and installations in the appropriate lab, department, or college. This is a demand-oriented policy and thus requires quick action to ensure that the student is offered a reasonable accommodation to provide appropriate access to educational or programmatic materials, according to ADA requirements.

The Dean of Students Office and the Assistive Technology Lab Director will purchase and install the software and/or hardware within 5 school days of receipt of the request. Employees with a disability seeking reasonable accommodations to enable them to perform the essential functions of their job should promptly notify their supervisor and the UF ADA Coordinator.

The intent of this demand-oriented policy is to ensure that up-to-date resources are acquired and placed where and when they are needed for disabled UF employees and students. The policy is further intended to assure that UF’s limited resources are used in the most effective way to meet specific needs. UF is committed to providing the best possible services to all students and employees at the time there is a reasonable need or request.