Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Dropbox?
Dropbox is available to Faculty, Staff and the following Employee affiliations:
  • OPS (194)
  • Emeritus (200)
  • Board of Trustee (204)
  • UF Executive (205)
  • DSO (213)
  • Athletic Association (217)
  • Foundation Employee (218)
  • Clinical Faculty (219)
What is Dropbox?
Is there a difference between Dropbox for Education and Dropbox Business?
There is no difference in user functionality between Dropbox for Education and Dropbox Business – you’ll get the same great experience in Dropbox for Education as you do in Dropbox Business; however, there are advantages for how UF can administer the Dropbox Education accounts.
What is Dropbox for Education?
Are there any data use restrictions for UF Dropbox?

Yes. Some Restricted Data types are allowed but can't be shared with others external to UF, while others types of Restricted Data are not to be stored in UF Dropbox at all.

Here is a table that provides examples of data use restrictions for UF Dropbox.
Any questions on this topic should be directed to the UF Privacy Office, 352-273-1212 or

Data Type Examples Allowed in UF Drobox? Can be Shared?
UF Open Data
Directory Information Yes Yes
Course Catalog Yes Yes
Press Releases Yes Yes
Job Postings Yes Yes
UF Sensitive Data
Animal Research Protocols Yes Yes
Security Plans Yes Yes
Exam Questions/Answers Yes Yes
FERPA Regulatory Data
Student Records Yes Internal Only
HIPAA Regulatory Data
Patient Records Yes Internal Only
FIPA Regulatory Data
SSNs No No
Card Holder data No No
Bank account #s No No
Driver's License #s No No
Super Confidential Data
Mental Health Records No No
HIV/STD Records No No
Substance Abuse Records No No
Pediatric Medical Records No No
I received my invite, how do I get started?
How do I create a Shared Folder?
What's a Team Folder and how is it different from a Shared Folder?
What if I want to share a file, but prevent editing?
How is Dropbox different from other storage options available on campus?
You can see a comparison of services available here on the Research Computing website.
I already have a personal Dropbox account with my email address. What will happen to my files?
Dropbox will ask to move your files to a personal account with a new email address or to migrate your files to Dropbox for Education.
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