Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange Online

What is Exchange Online?
Exchange Online provides email, calendaring, and access to UF's Global Address Book, as well as your own personal address book.
Who can use Office 365 Exchange Online?
All UF Students are currently eligible for Office 365 Exchange Online. New students will automatically receive an Office 365 mailbox. Faculty and staff are not eligible for this service.
How can I get Exchange Online?
Current students who are still using Gatorlink Email (, can sign up to have their mailbox moved to Office 365 Exchange Online by clicking here. As of November 2013, all new students automatically receive an Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox.
Where do I go to log in?
You can either click here or go to
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OneDrive @ University of Florida

What is OneDrive @ UF?
OneDrive provides a number of features for creating, storing, and syncing content across all of your devices. Features:
  • 1TB of Document and File storage.
  • Access to Office Online Web Applications such as:
  • Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online.
  • Synchronize and Access your data from your browser, PC, or native iOS/Android/Windows Phone apps.
  • Approved by UF for the storage of restricted data, excluding Protected Health Information (PHI).
Who can use OneDrive @ UF?

OneDrive is available to many UF Students, Faculty, and Staff. In general, to get started with the service you are required to attest whether or not you have access to Protected Health Information (PHI) via links in the GatorCloud Eligibility Portal.

More information about Protected Health Information (PHI) and federal regulations can be found here:

Furthermore, if you are a student, mail migration to Office 365 is required for OneDrive @ UF.

Where can I find training or help on OneDrive @ UF?
Microsoft provides documentation and training resources inside of the application! In OneDrive @ UF or any of Office Online applications you can select the question mark in the top right hand corner to find help. We recommend the following articles to get you started:
Where can I find a OneDrive client for my device?
OneDrive @ UF uses OneDrive for Business client and mobile applications. You can use the following links to download a client for your device:
  • iOS
  • Android 
  • PC
    • A OneDrive client is shipped as part of Office 2013 SP1. Students can receive Office 2013 as part of the Microsoft Office for Students Program! For more information click here
  • Microsoft also provides a standalone PC client for those without Office 2013.
  • Mac OSX: Microsoft has stated a sync client is coming later this year.
What are the storage and file limits in OneDrive @ UF?
  • 1TB maximum quota
  • 2GB maximum file size
  • 20,000 file and folder limit.
Where do I go to logon?
You can either click here or go to
How can I re-attest whether or not I have access to Protected Health Information (PHI)?
If you no longer work with protected health information, please re-attest here.
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SharePoint Online

Who can use Office 365 SharePoint Online?
Unlike the email component of Office 365, which is currently only available to students, SharePoint Online with OneDrive @ University of Florida is available to all faculty, staff, and students who don't deal with protected health information (PHI) as part of their duties with UF and UF Health.
What is SharePoint Online?
This feature of Office 365 provides free productivity and collaboration tools, such as OneDrive @ University of Florida file storage, Office Web Apps, as well as your personal profile and social features. Office Web Apps provides browser-based versions of: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
How can I get SharePoint Online?
This service will be available for anyone meeting the eligibility criteria. That is:
  1. Current faculty, staff, or student
  2. Has attested to not having access to PHI
  3. Students must also have an Office 365 mailbox with Office 365 Exchange Online
To migrate to O365, click here.
Where do I go to login?
Login to SharePoint Online will be available later in the spring 2014 term. To access your Office 365 mailbox, click here.
When can I sign up for SharePoint Online?
This service should be available to students around late Spring 2014.
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